Portable, trådløse og aktive høyttalere av høy kvalitet.

CD-spiller, trådløs mikrofon-mottager kan bygges inn i høyttaleren. Stativfeste innebygget. Meget bra batterikapasitet.



Modular flexibility – the next generation of wireless loudspeaker systems from Germany.


The new EasyPort loudspeaker series is remarkable both for its modular construction and for its extensive acoustic re-engineering. All models are equipped with very high performance 1" compression drivers with short horn and high efficiency 8" cone loudspeakers. This results in even better speech intelligibility, sound dispersion and dynamics. The modular concept enables most currently available radio microphone systems to be integrated – either supplied with the unit or fitted afterwards. A CD Player with USB port can also be fitted at any time. Highly reliable and easy to use, the systems can operate for up to 20 hours on one battery charge.


The main facts at a glance


- No mains power or cabling required*

- Can be used without any prior technical knowledge

- Compatible with most currently available radio microphone brands**

- CD Player with USB port can be built in

- Compact and lightweight

- Protection against feedback

- Extremely long battery life (up to 20 hours)

- Excellent speech intelligibility

- Natural sound quality

- Built-in digital controller for maximum operating reliability

- Intelligent battery management, protection against total discharge and overload

* Applies to FP-11 Modular and FP-22 Modular without additional Slave box

** 9.5" radio receiver. For more information on suitable / Fohhn recommended radio microphone systems, contact us on 0049 7022 933230 or email info@fohhn.com


Manifold applications: Outdoor events, promotions, sporting events, outdoor worship, seminars, product presentations, small performances, theme parks, broadcast / TV, theatrical effects etc.


FP-11 modular

Battery-powered, self-contained speaker system, 40 W, processor controlled, 3-channel-mixer, battery & mains operation, tone control, approx. 11 kg


FP-22 modular

Battery-powered, self-contained speaker system, 60 W, processor controlled, 4-channel mixer, battery & mains operation, tone control, 12V DC out, XLR line IN+OUT, 12 kg, up to 2 built-in radio receivers possible, price without radio receiver.


FP-22 Slave

EasyPort FP-22 Slave is a passive additional loudspeaker that can be connected to an existing active speaker system Easy Port FP-22 modular.



Self-powered 100W speaker system. Processor-controlled amplifier. 2-channel mixer for microphone (XLR) and line signals (cinch, phono jacks).